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A Comedic roleplaying game by wildweasel

Short Description (OR, I'm just making sure you got the right document!)

Case File #17550 - For CUA Eyes Only.

JULY 17th, 2010: Agent Roy Davison finds a shred of evidence that Sony Computer Entertainment America is planning to plant mind-control devices inside their newest console system, the Playstation 3.

JULY 24th, 2010: Agent Davison has found enough evidence of SCEA's plot to take them to court.

JULY 29th, 2010: Case against SCEA is won. Sony ordered to cease production of alledged mind-control devices, destroy the ones that already exist, and if the offense continues, the company can and will be brought down. Agent Davison promoted to Special Agent.

The Basics (Or, The Shape of Things To Come)

The game is divided into three segments: movement, investigation, and battle. These segments have somewhat similar interfaces, and are all based loosely on existing games (if it ain't broke, don't fix it...much). All interfaces have a mouse-driven (?) interface. (Programmer's Note: Depends if Z has mouse support when it arrives)

Movement (Or, Put One Foot In Front Of The Other)

Movement is done in a Front Mission-style interface.

It's a simple interface, really. Click on any of the buttons on top of the still picture and it will present you with several more options. For instance, if you click on Go To >>, you will be presented with some options showing you where you can go. Incredibly simple. Sometimes, when going into a building or something, your perspective will switch to Investigation Mode. The only exception to this is if a place no longer has any significance to the plot at the moment, in which case it will revert to this interface.

Investigation Mode (Or, "I Sure Have Taken A Lot Of Evidence...")

The investigation mode appears similar in style to games such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. The character is controlled either directly (with the keyboard) or indirectly (with the mouse). Pressing SPACE, ENTER, or left-clicking on an interactive object will open the Action Menu, where you can select what you wish to do with the object. Standard commands are usually as follows:

Accessing your inventory can be done anywhere except in battle. This can be done by pressing the I key, or by clicking on the Inventory button (the I button in the lower right hand corner of the screen). Here, you can reform your party for battle (if you have more than three people following you), equip stuff, use items in your investigation, look at your case notes, and select your Striker character (more in Battle section).

Battle (Or, "Art of Fighting")

The battle system works much like King of Fighters 2000. Pull combos in a fighter-style arena, sometimes with platforms you can stand on. If you've taken enough hits, you can activate your character's Limit Break Special. Depending on the equipment you have on, your attacks in battle will be different, you will take less damage, or your attacks will do more damage to the enemy.

The Striker System is imported from KoF 2000, and allows you to select a character who is not in your party to be your "Striker". Strikers can be called in a limited number of times per battle (like Summons), and will launch a special move at your enemy. Strikers can be KO'd before their moves are off, and will not be usable for the rest of the battle, in which case the game will cycle through your top 3 priority list for strikers. Between battles, you can assign up to 3 strikers to fight alongside your character. The top one will be used immediately; if he/she/it is KO'd, the next one will take their place. If all three of your Priority Strikers are KO'd, you will be unable to use Strikers until after the battle is completed. It costs money to revive your Strikers, but not as much as your main characters. For a list of the playable strikers, see "unintelligence strikers.txt" in this ZIP file.

If your main character that is doing the fighting is KO'd in the battle, your next character will be put in their place. This is determined by how you have them arranged in your Party menu. Also, while this has no real effect aside from aesthetics, the person at the top will be your avatar in the Investigation modes. However, Roy will always be doing the investigating, no matter who is the avatar.

If all three characters are KO'd, you will be reverted to the last place you saved. (If you never have saved, it will revert you to the beginning of your current chapter.)

The screen is laid out like in the screen shot. The two large bars on the top indicate the current HP of the characters. The smaller bars to the right of the current fighters' names indicate how much Limit Energy they currently have. Limit Energy is built up by taking or blocking hits. You gain more Limit Energy by not blocking, but you take more damage. The two names beneath the current characters' portraits are the next two characters to go up. The enemy can have as many as 6 characters in its party.

Damage is calculated as follows:

BD + (BD * WP) * (HC) = FD

Where BD = Base Damage of the attack (with a 5% randomness factor, meaning that an attack can do up to 5% more or less than its base damage), WP = Weakness Percentage (if a character is 30% weak against this type of attack (element based) then BD after the WP calculation will be at 130% of what it was before; if an enemy is -30% weak against this type of attack, the BD afterwards will be 70%. If WP is equal to 0, this attack does normal damage), HC = Height Calculation (the higher the attack hits, the more damage it does; throws and successful sweep kicks will have HC always have this set to 100), and FD = Final Damage (the end result after all this calculation). Note that a successful sweep kick is for having both characters on equal ground, and the kick is not blocked, resulting in the victim landing full on the ground.

Special Moves (Or, Shinku Hadoken)

Special moves will not be standard fighting game fare. The controls will consist of a Light Punch, Hard Punch, Light Kick, Hard Kick, Light Special, Hard Special, Jump, and Max. Special buttons are essentially alternate attacks; for instance some characters will have these as body slams or punches. Instead of standard half/quarter circular motions, Z-motions, and the like, characters will have several moves for holding the Up, Left, Down or Right keys and pressing any of the six attack keys. Example: Hold Right and press Hard Punch to perform a projectile attack; hold Up and press either Special to perform an uppercut.

Super Special Moves (Or, Ryuuko Renbu)

Super Specials are performed the same way Specials are, except you must be in Max Mode. Max Mode can only be activated when your Power Gauge is full. When the mode is active, you have 15 seconds to perform a special or your Power Gauge will disappear. Pressing a direction and any Light Attack will perform a Super Special, and empty your power gauge. Using a Hard Attack key will empty your gauge as well as take away some of your health. Needless to say, you don't want to finish yourself off as well as your enemy.

Inventory System (Or, I Can't Use A Balloon With That)

Accessible nearly everywhere. This will be a storage matrix, much in the style of X-Com: UFO Defense. You have a limited amount of space availible to store your items. Money does not appear in your inventory, but your credit card does (only one spot). This type of engine eliminates weight calculations, going instead with size-based inventory. A heavier object will take more space in your inventory. There are several storage grids, based on several parts of your body. Everything from Left Pocket, to Right Boot Compartment, to Crotch (Programmer's Note: Only joking, heheheh....) can be used to store your items. The more people you have in your party, the more space you can use to store items. Strikers can hold items too, but only a small amount (3 squares on the grid).

Save Points (Or Lack Thereof)

There will be no such thing as a save point in this game. No limits on saves. You can save in the middle of conversation, for goodness' sake! Just hit I to open your inventory, and click on SAVE and pick your slot. It's that simple!