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Doom A/H Screenshots

The M-211 Infantry Rifle in action!

The high-res sprite for a 9mm ammo clip.

Tchernobog's Cultists. They're a mean bunch...

Splash effects, though they're rather difficult to see.

One of the Order's Acolytes. That shield won't be helping HIM...

The new Midgrais SMD buckshot-fed mass driver.

Corbex Arms Int'l M7X Automatic Assault Rifle. Sweet, eh?

The Dual Neutron Disruptor: soon to be replaced...

Remington's 870 shotgun, all nice and high-res-like.

The Assault Commando, armed to the teeth (which just happen to be showing at the moment).

Images were captured in ZDoom 2.0.42 by Randy Heit. Character graphics derived from Strife, by Rogue Entertainment and Velocity Productions; and Blood, by Monolith and GT Interactive. Weapons from iD's Doom alpha 0.4, Strife, and Rise of the Triad. Doom A/H is the working title for a modification by WildWeasel, designed for Doom and Doom 2 under the ZDoom sourceport.