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Official Character Biographies

As According to WildWeasel

Eliot Lavant

Male, 89 years old

6'1", 150 lbs

Hair: Perfectly gray, used to be brown

Eyes: Gray.

Personality: Strict, calm, never gets angry

Voice: Hard, scratchy, commanding presence

Relationship: Father of Arynn Lavant

Typical clothing: Black wizard's robe with hood, leather boots

Evelyn (Lavant)

Female, 157 years old, elfish (aging is at 10% speed, making her appear to be 15 years old)

6'2", 120 lbs

Hair: Platinum blond

Eyes: Blue.

Personality: Attaches to people very easily, has problems containing herself and her emotions

Voice: Hyper American Teenage Girl(tm)

Other: Homosexual.

Relationship: Servant/Member of Lavant family

Typical clothing: Either a light tan wizard's robe, or baggy white T-shirt and jeans

Arynn Lavant

Female, 20 years old

6'1", 130 lbs

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Green

Personality: Willing to try anything, calm, doesn't attach to things easily

Voice: Mid-range, minor hint of British accent.

Relationship: Daughter of Eliot Lavant

Typical clothing: Tan wizard's robe with leather boots, or a tan kimono

Duke Lavant (Torrington)

Male, 30 years old

6'3", 186 years old

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Personality: Hard to please, angered easily, does not take rejection well

Voice: Militaristic, calm

Relationship: Brother of Arynn Lavant

Typical clothing: Black tunic and pants, with black leather wizard's robe (no hood)

David Lanley

Male, 34 years old

6'2", 190 lbs (200 with equipment)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Personality: Cautious, stealth-oriented

Voice: 1940's film noir monologue

Relationship: None

Typical clothing: Overcoat and fedora (think Philip Marlowe)

Weapon: .38 caliber snub-nose revolver

Richard Nathan Dotter (Rick)

Male, 28 years old

6'4", 182 lbs

Hair: Brown, mildly spiky

Eyes: Blue

Personality: VERY cautious, calm, wants answers and wants them NOW

Voice: Low, narrative-type

Relationship: Distant friend of Tera Lavant

Typical clothing: Brown leather jacket, white T-shirt, blue jeans OR Iori Yagami cosplay (with or without hair)

Weapon: .44 caliber Desert Eagle

Tera Lavant

Female, 25 years old

5'11", 113 lbs

Hair: Brown, back-length, smooth

Eyes: Green

Personality: Soft, caring, intelligent, knows what you're talking about

Voice: Soft, feminine, slight high-pitch, British accent

Relationship: Friend of Rick Dotter, distant descendant of Lavant noble family

Typical clothing: Seafoam green dress, dark green overcoat, soft leather boots, round thin-rimmed glasses

Charles "Chaz" Romano

Male, 41 years old

6'3", 179 lbs

Hair: Brown, spiky in front

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Cold, but loving; prefers the sneaky way

Voice: Scratchy, hardened killer type

Other: Formerly "Scarlet Blade"

Relationship: Subordinate of Halfrent Kafuin, commander of Robert

Typical clothing: Black shirt, blue jeans, any color overcoat, blue bandana, TechShades

Weapon: Two .45 Peacemaker Single-Action Army revolvers, MoprhTech Industries Katana

Tia Nilsen

Female, 29 years old

6'1", 150 lbs

Hair: Brown, shoulder-length, pony-tailed

Eyes: Brown

Personality: All business

Voice: Business-type, crude contraction of language, heavy Brooklyn accent

Relationship: Work partner of Rudolf Martin

Typical clothing: Baggy white T-shirt, black cargo-jeans, black overcoat with secret pockets installed

Weapon: Beretta Cougar 9mm

Rudolf Martin

Male, 34 years old

6'6", 212 lbs

Hair: Blond, crewcut

Eyes: Brown

Personality: Rough, action-loving, can't get enough of the ladies (but ladies get too much of him)

Voice: Hard, very heavy Brooklyn accent mixed with a little Southern

Relationship: Work partner of Tia Nilsen, fiancee of Hoshi

Typical clothing: Black overcoat with secret pockets, thight black shirt (to show off his muscular build), tight blue jeans, black steel-toed work boots

Weapon: 12-gauge Heavy Magnum revolver (custom made)

Izanagi Taiyaki

Male, 18 years old

5'12", 145 lbs

Hair: Blond, serious amounts of spikes

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Vengeful, likes getting action with girls

Voice: Soft, low-pitched teenage lover

Relationship: Student/Son of Naoyuki Taiyaki, boyfriend of Kagami

Typical clothing: Kyo Kusanagi (millenium edition) cosplay outfit

Weapon: The Power Of Saikyo! (otherwise known as flesh colored brass knuckles)

Naoyuki Taiyaki (That's Taiyaki-SENSEI to you)

Male, 48 years old

6'2", 150 lbs

Hair: Blond, straight, parted in the middle

Eyes: Blue

Personality: (during war) Psychotic maniac intent on killing the enemy by any means possible except sacrificing himself (otherwise) Generous, strict type

Voice: Relatively high-pitched Japanese

Relationship: Father/Teacher of Izanagi Taiyaki, teacher of Kagami and Yuki, work partner of Evelyn Lavant

Halfrent Kafuin (Hal)

Male, 1069 years old (demon)

6'2", 166 lbs

Hair: Black, pony-tailed

Eyes: Dark grey

Personality: Swings around depending on his mood

Voice: Low growl, rough language

Relationship: Husband of Kaori Kafuin, father of Terence Kafuin, commander of Chaz Romano, right-hand man of Akai GinOokami

Typical clothing: All black – overcoat, shirt, pants, hair, shades, bandana (over nose and mouth)

Weapon: Super-heating polearm

Kaori Kafuin

Female, 45 years old

5'9", 135 lbs

Hair: Brown, neck-length, loose

Eyes: Green

Personality: Calm, silent, very caring

Voice: Soft, high-pitched, Japanese accent

Relationship: Wife of Halfrent Kafuin, mother of Terence Kafuin

Typical clothing: Loose white turtleneck sweater, ankle-length blue jean skirt

Terence Kafuin

Male, 28 years old

6'2", 120 lbs

Hair: Brown, mild spikes in front

Eyes: Dark grey

Personality: Scared relatively easy, doesn't do well with women

Voice: Mid-pitched, shaky at times

Relationship: Son of Halfrent and Kaori Kafuin, husband of Rosa Preta, foster-father of Kagami

Typical clothing: Nothing really typical – he's a man of VARIETY

Robert (last name not disclosed)

Male, 35 years old

6'1", 150 lbs

Hair: Blond, pony-tailed

Eyes: Yellow

Personality: Must involve sniping something, too quick on the draw talking to women

Voice: Thick southern accent

Relationship: Subordinate of Chaz Romano

Typical clothing: Tan overcoat, black button-down shirt, khaki slacks, tan cowboy hat

Weapon: Sniper-mod Beretta 92FS Elite, Jenland Arms Electro-Mag Railcannon

Lynn Archer

Female, 89 years old (cat-demon)

6'0", 135 lbs

Hair: Dark forest green

Eyes: Dark forest green, glow in the dark

Cat breed: Persian (white)

Personality: Self-deprecating, strong on the outside, wants to break down on the inside, talkative, humbles herself

Voice: Soft, mid-pitched, American

Relationship: Long-lost girlfriend of Sylvain's – disappeared during the Continuum Wars when he was 17

Typical clothing: Dark green tank-top, matching jeans, black wool traveler's mantle, Ankh necklace

Eri Lavant

Female, 29 years old

6'0", 140 lbs (160 with equipment)

Hair: Brown, back-length, straight

Eyes: Blue, glowing

Personality: Hardened military-type, concerned with getting things done as quickly as possible

Voice: Strictly American, no accents, mid-pitched

Relationship: Sister of Sylvain Lavant, leader of now-defunct New Areston Committee

Typical Clothing: White tanktop, denim jacket, matching jeans

Weapon: .357 caliber Desert Eagle

Sylvain Lavant

Male, 30 years old

6'1", 155 lbs

Hair: Brown, parted over to the left

Eyes: Blue, glowing

Personality: Traitorous pig, sarcastic, not very respecting of family, cares little about others

Voice: (When angered) Low, psychotic type (Otherwise) Dark, cold, forbidding American type

Relationship: Brother of Eri Lavant, old boyfriend of Lynn Archer

Typical Clothing: Black jeans and button-down long-sleeved shirt, white velvet vest

Weapon: .44 Magnum revolver w/high velocity barrel extension

Yuki Meseta

Female, 16 years old

5'9", 120 lbs

Hair: Honey-blond

Eyes: Yellow

Personality: Hyper, likes to try new things, keeps friends close

Voice: Hyper teenage girl

Relationship: Close friend of Kagami, combat student of Tenshi

Typical clothing: Wears her school uniform most of the time – she has at least 4 of them

Weapon: Good with naginata, learning to use a broadsword

Other: Aspiring action film star – made a short action sequence for a high school drama project